Bill Colwell Ford Rounds Up Truck Bed of Donations for Black Hawk County’s Veterans Affairs

#DealershipsGivingBack: For the past month, Bill Colwell Ford has had the bed of a new Ford F-150 truck open to locals for donations. Once full to the rim, the donations will go to Black Hawk County’s Veterans Affairs.

The campaign known as “Fill A 50” is an annual initiative for the Hudson dealership to collect food and other items to donate to a local organization. The truck of the year is usually located in the showroom and the community is welcome to stop in at anytime to drop off their donations.

Going on seven years, this year Bill Colwell chose the Black Hawk County Veterans Affair office to honor the many employees they have who have served our country. The sentiment for the entire team was to “keep it in the family.”

Aside from food donations, because the recipients are veterans, Ford learned from the Veterans Affairs office that there was also a need for socks, stocking hats, and winter gloves as many of them have fallen on hard times.

As of today, the bed of the truck is full and ready to be received by the arms of between 75-100 Black Hawk County Veterans.

General Manager Blake Colwell said, “This year’s Fill a 50 has been our biggest one since we started this event in 2013. We had a great turnout with donations, for both physical items and monetary contributions. Everyone seemed especially eager to support veterans in some way. Being able to give back to those who have served our country is something we’ve all been proud to do. The Cedar Valley is a great community and we’re happy to give back and be a part of it.”

Director of Black Hawk County Veterans Affair Yolando Loveless responded, “Bill Colwell Ford really went above and beyond. The community of Hudson and Bill Colwell are showing their true leadership, and they’re helping the veterans in our community. And I just really tip my hat off to them, to the leadership of that team there, and all of Hudson and the surrounding people who have donated to our veteran food pantry, and it’s going to go a long way to help those who are in need.”

In total, the Veterans Affairs office picked up roughly $1200 in donated food and hygiene items, and $580 in cash donations from Bill Colwell Ford today.

Loveless adds with excitement, “It shows what one car dealership in the community can do to help veterans and bring a smile on their face.”

Source: Hudson car dealership rounds up truck bed of donations for local veterans