Caught on Video: Chicago Car Thieves Steal and Damage 6 Cars At Hawkinson Kia 

In what looks like something out of “Fast & Furious,” a stolen car crew hit up a south suburban dealership and got away with numerous cars this past weekend.

The gates to the Matteson car dealership were locked Monday night. They were locked over the weekend too, but thieves still took a caravan of vehicles.

In the video, car after car is seen rolling out of the Hawkinson Kia service lot. It was 3:30 a.m., and the dealership was closed.


“It looks organized to me,” Hawkinson Kia manager Greg Freeman said as he watched the heist go down. “They definitely know they’re way around a car dealership.”

The thieves were seen backing a stolen Honda to the service door. First, two guys jump out, and then at least five more.

“They broke out one of the panes out of the window and crawled through in order to gain access into the building,” Freeman said.

And once inside, the thieves check any car doors unlocked and eventually find the lockbox with the keys after scouring around.

“It’s disheartening to see people do this,” Freeman said.

What is just as tough for Freeman is that some of the crooks don’t even look old enough to drive.

“Someone can probably picture the kids or have seen these guys wearing the clothes they’re wearing because it’s looks like everyday clothes,” Freeman said.

One of the thieves had his arm in a sling. Another had a Vlone sweatshirt.

In all, six cars were either stolen or damaged.

“We’re talking upwards of $100,000 to $115,000 worth of damage,” Freeman said.

And it all happened in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes.

After trying to bash open the gate with the stolen, the thieves eventually gave up and left it behind – driving the new Kias over the same snowbank — they used to come in.

On Monday night, Freeman is warning other dealers.

“Typically, they are armed,” he said. “So if you see suspicious activity or other dealerships see this story, please make sure that you guys lock your stuff up.”

Freeman does not believe this was an inside job but admits the crew definitely knew their way around the shop.

Source: Caught On Video: Auto Thieves Steal Or Damage 6 Cars At Matteson Dealership Within Minutes