Oklahoma Car Dealerships Hit with Storm Damage

A number of Norman, Oklahoma businesses were devastated during last night’s storms.

Several car dealerships were left with hefty repair bills from the hail.

“This is where these guys make your living here. And you know just to pull up, I mean, I live in Blanchard, Oklahoma, and it’s — we got hit pretty hard last night there. And then just to pull up here and see this, it’s just devastating. Just imagine what some of these guys are gonna be going through,” said Terry Epperson, who works at a dealership off Interstate 35 and Robinson in Norman.

“It was just strong wind and just big hounding, I mean, you know, not just like a warzone. And so when I got here this morning I came in and it just it’s devastating. It’s absolutely just devastating to see the aftermath,” he said.

Epperson said he was shocked after surveying the storm’s damage to the dealership.

“It made me sick and it’s, it’s making me sick to my stomach now,” he said. “Every one of these cars have been, they’re just, they’re destroyed. So again, I’m just, it’s a little gut wrenching for, you know, to come here and see this and this is where I’m making a living, we’re all these guys make their living here and just a little speechless right now.”

The dealership even invested in tents after a tornado caused damage years ago. But the tents couldn’t reach every car.

“We’re a big family, a local dealership. Yeah, we’re big. We’re a big family. You know we, we all stick together and, I know, again, we’ll get past this and move on,” he said.

Source: STORM DAMAGE: Car dealership among businesses that storm hit