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Fayetteville Ford Donates Handicap Van to Victim of Arkansas Tornado

#DealershipsGivingBack: A Newnan, Arkansas family received a new handicap van to replace the one destroyed in a tornado a few weeks ago. 

Fayetteville Ford donated a van to the Pease family for their son Ryan who has Muscular Dystrophy

A dealership employee saw a social media post about the family’s plight after the tornado. Their home was so damaged that they are having to live in a hotel. The specialized van was crushed by a tree. 

Fayetteville Ford presented the family with the keys to a new van Thursday.

Fayetteville Ford owner David Burnett told FOX 5, he and his staff were saddened to hear about the family’s struggle and they were happy they play a part in the family’s recovery from the tornado.

Source: Fayetteville dealership donates handicap van to victim of Newnan tornado