City Kia in Orlando Went Full Florida, Chopped the Top Off a Kia Stinger

A Kia dealer in the Orlando area called “City Kia” is going full Florida and has chopped the top off a Kia Stinger. The convertible conversion was apparently done for last year’s cancelled SEMA but, naturally, we had to wait until later to see it.

The convertible was caught on video at a car show in Florida where a spokesperson can be heard saying that reinforcements had been added to the underside of the car in order to make up for the strength lost with the disappearance of the roof.

Back in July last year, a City Kia rep started asking users on what they would like or expect from a Kia Stinger convertible. The account said that the car was being created for SEMA and described a build like this one.

“We would re-structure the A & B pillar along with the full undercarriage, with cross members and tie into the excising workings for the door hinges,” the rep wrote in July 2020.

It also revealed that it had considered giving the car suicide doors and making it a coupe, but decided against it when it realized how much the build would end up costing.

Redditor also posted pictures of the car to Imgur recently, claiming that a CityKia representative told them that the dealership planned to build 12 similar vehicles and to offer them with a Kia warranty, though we haven’t been able to confirm this with the dealership.

Along with the lack of roof, B, or C pillars, the Stinger in the video appears to have a carbon fiber hood and custom wheels. All four doors are present, though, and we have yet to see any images of the roof up. The presenter in the video says, though, that a lot of thought went into it in order to ensure that it didn’t end up looking like a “toad.”

Source: A Kia Dealer In Florida Commissioned A Stinger Convertible