Another C8 Corvette Has Fallen Off A Shop Lift

A Chevrolet C8 Corvette Stingray has been wrecked after falling off a two-post car lift somewhere in North America.

As the C8-generation Corvette is mid-engined, its weight distribution is very different than the C7. In fact, whereas the C7 had a 50-50 weight distribution, the C8 model has a 40-60 split. This means the new car needs to be lifted differently than its predecessor. Evidently, the mechanic at this shop might have not received the memo.

Two images recently shared to the Corvette Forum show the Rapid Blue Corvette resting on its rear after slipping off the two-post jack. In all likelihood, the mechanic didn’t use the correct lifting points at the rear of the vehicle which, as Corvette Blogger points out, are placed much further back than on the C7.

The force of the fall has caused a significant split in the bodywork of the sports car and while not visible in these photos, there’s a very good chance that the frame has also been bent. If that’s the case, the car will immediately be declared a write-off and will probably go to a scrapyard where it may be sold.

This isn’t the first time a C8 Corvette has slipped off a two-post car lift. In June 2020, a very similar incident occurred when a Chevrolet dealership in Jacksonville, Florida incorrectly lifted a red C8 Stingray. The Corvette in that incident is also believed to have suffered irreparable damage from the fall.

Source: Oh No, Another C8 Corvette Has Fallen Off A Shop Lift