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Opinion: Help for Dealers to Reach Potential Buyers in ‘Video Economy’

Leaders from fusionZONE Automotive and WheelsTV see dealerships needing to flourish in a “video economy,” so the companies finalized a partnership on Thursday with the intention of helping stores with their marketing efforts.

The dealer website solution and provider of video test drive reports for more than a decade now are working together so fusionZONE will offer its customers access to WheelsTV’s more than 6,000 video test drive reports.

The companies said the partnership provides a timely video solution for fusionZONE’s clients to address increased consumer demand for visual content in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic. WheelsTV strives to deliver essential vehicle information in an independent, concise and upbeat video presentation that includes vehicle test drives, key features and options and walkthroughs of the interior and/or exterior of the vehicle.

The companies added dealers can now help their site visitors conduct two hours of research in just two minutes by viewing WheelsTV videos on fusionZONE websites, all while increasing time-on-site and guiding the shopper down the purchase funnel.

“We now live in a video economy where car buyers’ demand for full-motion ‘on the road’ video test drives are at an all-time high,” WheelsTV chief executive officer Jim Barisano said in a news release.

“Today, most dealers struggle with high-quality, relevant year-make-model video content. And now, with access to the most extensive video test drive library in existence, covering year-make-models 2008 to present, fusionZONE dealers will have a video for almost every car on their lot,” Barisano continued.

WheelsTV said its videos provide three significant benefits, including

— Consumers stay on the dealer’s website longer to research and make more informed purchases.

— Increases trust between the dealer and the consumer.

— Increases engagement and advances the car shopper’s path to purchase.

“We are excited to offer WheelsTV video test drive reports to our customers. Dealerships simply don’t have the time or budget to produce ‘on the road’ video test drives for every car they sell. But now with WheelsTV, they’ll have a video for almost every vehicle on the lot,” fusionZONE chief executive officer Ed Barton said.

“The videos will support our dealers’ site visitors by providing the essential facts, vehicle specs, and professional insights in a quick, energized, ‘on the road’ presentation. There’s no sales pitch, so consumers gain trust and rapport with the dealer, which will result in increased sales,” Barton added.

Source: Help for dealers to reach potential buyers in ‘video economy’