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Opinion: 7 Ways to Improve Your Fixed Operations Revenue

By Charity Dunning, CMO at FixedOPS Marketing

How do you increase your service department revenue and get more customers to your service department? In this article, we not only discuss how to increase your fixed ops revenue but how to get more lines per RO and offer fixed operations directors some tips on how to increase profits in fixed ops. Here we’ll offer advanced tips for services to consider in their automotive digital marketing.

1. Upgrade your online conversion tools.
Many service websites still implement service specials that require a printer, copy paper, and a pair of scissors in order to convert a customer. Not only is this method of conversion archaic, it vastly excludes specific generations and demographics. If you offer service coupons or specials, make sure that your customers can print, as well as, email, fill out an online form, get directions, text it to themselves or someone else, call, etc. Your service website needs to cater to every demographic in your geographical area. If you’re looking for an effective solution, this product converts at 20% and starts at just $399.

2. Educate your customers with video marketing.
It’s difficult to get every Service Advisor to educate and upsell customers in order to increase your lines per RO. That’s why it’s important to get technology to help do it for you. Video marketing – created specifically for fixed operations – can do the educating for you. While your customer is waiting in the service area, send them a video that explains a suggested service, or email them a video on a denied/declined service. What’s the difference between a synthetic, conventional, and high-mileage oil change? Help your customers understand the service they need with video marketing.

Are you looking to get your Service Advisors motivated to upsell? A great resource – filled with some great ideas – is available here.

3. Create customer rewards and referral programs.
Maintaining a loyal customer base is essential to long-term business success strategies. There are a number of ways to do this, including implementing rewards and referral programs. A complete guide is available here.

4. Promote deals and sales on Google My Business.
Daily, weekly, and monthly drip campaigns can be easily scheduled to be released on Google My Business. Setting this up, keeping it maintained, and tracking it isn’t difficult and we offer a full guide here. There are so many ways in which this benefits your service department through SEO, landing pages, and conversions. If you lack the time or other resources to maintain this free Google feature yourself, see this product as your first Google My Business solution.

5. Take advantage of social media.
This may seem obvious; however, few service managers are doing it right. Social media can be great at spreading the word. Feature your customers on your social media accounts. Advertise your specials. Encourage your customers to follow and like your social media pages to make sure they don’t miss specials and deals. A dashboard tool, like Hootsuite, can make this process much easier for busy service managers.

6. Optimize your website for SEO.
SEO and landing pages will not only help your customers find your service department but will also help get you more conversions. This is easier said than done when you’re a busy fixed operations manager, juggling many people and tasks. Take a look at this product for SEO and landing page optimization and automation if you’re considering finding a tool to do this for you.

7. Find a service marketing tool to help you.
Service marketing providers can be priceless in the amount of time, energy and resources that you will save. Affordable options are available. Use this tool to compare the service marketing providers available for fixed operations.

Source: How Do You Attract More Customers to Your Service Department? – FixedOPS Marketing | Automotive marketing services