Libertyville Mile of Cars

12 Car Dealerships Team-Up and Donate Over $30,000 to 4 Local Charities

#DealershipsGivingBack: The 12 retail auto dealerships in Libertyville that make up the Libertyville Mile of Cars outside Chicago donated $30,000 to 4 local charities during the Village of Libertyville Board Meeting on Tuesday, May 27, 2021.

The donation was part of the Libertyville Rewards program that ran in the village from October 2020, and ended February 2021. When consumers purchased or leased a new vehicle at a Libertyville Mile of Cars dealerships, they receive certificates from the Village of Libertyville, usable towards goods and services at participating Libertyville businesses. Additionally, for each benefiting customer of the Libertyville Rewards program, the dealerships pledged a donation of $100 towards local charities that are responding to community members in need.

The 4 charities chosen by the Libertyville Mile of Cars included, Lake County Haven, the Libertyville Township Food Pantry, PADS Lake County, and Youth & Family Counseling. All 4 of the selected charities are responding to community members in need during the difficult economic time created by the COVID-19 crisis.

Glenn Bockwinkel, Chairman of the Libertyville auto dealer’s association, is a program supporter. “The Libertyville Rewards program is great for so many reasons. It promotes shopping at the local dealerships, as well as other Libertyville businesses that participate in the program, and it helps 4 great charity organizations. This is really all part of what make Libertyville a great place to live and work.”

Retail auto related businesses represent approximately 60% of all sales tax receipts received by the Village, taxes which support needed services and facilities, including parks, fire and police protection. These businesses also provide employment to nearly 800 people. Their community support extends far beyond taxes and provision of jobs to sponsorship of the Village’s Independence Day fireworks and various organizations. 

According to Libertyville Mayor Terry Weppler, “Vehicle related businesses are crucial to our local economy through their sales taxes, employment, connections to other local business, and their ongoing support of community events and organizations.”

The Libertyville Rewards program is part of the Shop 60048 effort, a program intended to strengthen Libertyville businesses through encouraging area residents to shop locally. When residents shop locally, it helps add to local sales tax revenues which support Village services, but more importantly, it strengthens local businesses and provides employment opportunities.

Source: Libertyville Auto Dealerships Donate Over $30,000 to Local Chairites