Nissan of New Braunfels

San Benito Food Pantry Receives Van from Nissan of New Braunfels in Texas

#DealershipsGivingBack: The San Benito Food Pantry received a donation of a van during the first week of March.

Nissan of New Braunfels donated the van to the pantry. According to Forest Walker, the President of the San Benito Food Pantry, she was searching for a vehicle to make pick up donations since the beginning of the year. Walker first contacted the dealership in January.

Walker said that she did not ask for them to donate it. She was originally looking to buy and see what deals could be made. However, when Nissan of New Braunfels learned what it was for, they decided to gift the food pantry the van instead. The dealership delivered the van from New Braunfels to San Benito in March.
“That means more food for our clients or clothing—anything,” Walker said. “It’ll be used to pick up anything for our clients.”

The van has mostly been used to pick up donations for the pantry and has also been used to make deliveries to those who have trouble getting to the food pantry.

The van is a brand-new Nissan Connect SV.

“It’s great, I enjoy driving it—going around picking up donations,” Walker said. “It holds so much, we are so happy to have it.”

Source: SB Food Pantry receives van from Nissan dealership