Hawaiian Car Dealerships Say More Locals are Buying Used Cars to Rent to Visitors

Due to high demand for rental cars, one dealership is noticing a growing trend — more locals buying used cars to rent to visitors. 

One of them, Hawai’i Island resident Tommy Worden, decided to buy a used car primarily to rent out to friends and family part-time because they could not secure a car for their visit. 

Worden planned to lease out his car for about 15 days out of the month, but because demand has been so high, he’s fully booked until the end of June. 

“I’m having to turn down five, six people everyday,” Worden said. 

“It’s kind of crazy I wasn’t really intending to rent it out that much but it’s hard to say no when people are in need.

At $30 a day, Worden said he is charging less than most rental companies because he understands many are struggling amid the pandemic. KITV-4 tried booking a car ourselves for this story — it can cost upwards of $80 a day. 

Source: Car dealership says more locals are buying used cars to rent to visitors