Dozens of vehicles Vandalized at Providence Township Car Dealership in Pennsylvania

A Providence Township car dealer has been the target of recurring vandalism over the course of the past week, with around 40 vehicles taking tens of thousands of dollars in damage, according to the dealership.

Two vandals, one riding a motorcycle and the other riding a white four-wheel ATV, first appeared at Providence Autos at 804 Lancaster Pike at around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, damaging 17 vehicles, said Doug Rineer, the dealership’s sales manager.

“They were jumping onto the hoods of vehicles, smashing windshields by kicking them in,” Rineer said. “They ripped the mirrors off of a bunch of new Jeeps, they were ripping windshield wipers, just smashing up cars.”

Multiple car windows and the dealership’s showroom door were also smashed with rocks, Rineer said.

The vandals returned at around 1 a.m. Friday, this time accompanied by a woman on the ATV, damaging another 20 vehicles and smashing 16 showroom windows, Rineer said.

An exact estimate for the damage the vandals caused was not available, though Rineer said it was likely in the tens of thousands.

Rineer said he didn’t know why anyone would target the dealership.

The dealership is offering a $5,000 reward for the first tip that leads to the vandals’ arrest, Rineer said.

Pennsylvania State Police could not immediately confirm if there was an investigation into the incidents.

Source: Dozens of vehicles vandalized at Providence Township car dealer