Austin Subaru and Step Onward Foundation Partner to Help Heal Homelessness

#DealershipsGivingBack: Austin Subaru today announced that it will be partnering with Step Onward Foundation, an Austin-based non-profit focused on breaking the cycle of homelessness for young adult survivors who are at risk. The cooperation will help individuals take the next step onward in their independence. The Austin-based, family-owned and operated dealership, is donating a Subaru Outback to one of the foundation’s recipients, Rose, in need of reliable transportation to and from work and school.

Rose has overcome a lot in her young life, including abuse and neglect and years in and out of the foster care system. With the odds stacked against her, Rose found a way forward to independence. She graduated from high school at 16-years-old and has since gone on to accomplish so much with the financial support, mentoring, and health care services of organizations such as Step Onward Foundation. Rose is currently employed full-time and is a sophomore at a local community college. Even with her busy schedule, she continues to volunteer and help others who share similar stories as her own.

“I felt like the stars aligned when Todd called,” said Chris Hudson, General Manager at Austin Subaru. “When someone tells you a truly miraculous story about a truly miraculous person, and you are able to help, I believe you are obligated to. This is what our company and our team are all about.  More than just selling and servicing cars, we have a responsibility to our community and we take that seriously. When we learned that Rose’s dream car was a green Subaru Outback, we couldn’t wait to make that dream a reality. It’s simple, if you have been blessed, you should be a blessing to others.”

“Our mission is to create a world where young adults and families who are at risk of homelessness reach their full potential as healthy, happy and independent adults,” said Todd Young, co-founder and chairman of Step Onward Foundation. “We do this by filling gaps in needed support through our services and programs. Many young adult survivors of homelessness do not have access to reliable transportation which is a significant barrier to overcoming homelessness. This car is an incredible gift to give to a strong and resilient young woman on her journey to independence.” 

Source: Austin Subaru and Step Onward Foundation Partner to Help Heal Homelessness