Rhinelander GM Auto Center in Wisconsin Donates Car to ‘Stop the Dealing, Start the Healing’

#DealershipsGivingBack: The organization ‘Stop the Dealing, Start the Healing’ needed a new car. A Rhinelander dealership knew how to help.

“We want to help everybody and be able to support everybody,” explained Jose Cisneros, the founder of Stop the Dealing, Start the Healing.

It’s an organization based in Forest County that helps recovering addicts of drugs and alcohol. They had a need for a car.

“We put a Facebook donation thing on [their Facebook page]. My wife and I did. And it was up to $3,000,” Cisneros said.

That’s when it caught the attention of Scott Brass, a sales consultant at Rhinelander GM.

“I want to help. That’s exactly what I was thinking, I want to help,” Brass said firmly.

Brass took the issue to his owner. His owner responded with an even firmer “yes.”

“We are donating a 2011 Chevy Traverse. All-wheel drive so they don’t have to worry about getting stuck,” Brass explained.

The organization only had to hit its $3,000 goal. Rhinelander GM took care of the rest. A fresh new ride for what they describe as a grassroots movement.

“It was humbling and grateful,” Cisneros said. “To see people notice that what we’re doing out there.”

The car was desperately needed. They transport members to and from meetings, providing support along their journey to recovery. That’s why the owner of Rhinelander GM said yes with zero hesitation.

“It was actually felt really good. He really cares. Just like we did before,” Brass said.

In June, Brass organized a fresh ride for someone who was biking to work. It’s a movement he hopes spreads.

“I want people to learn from my actions if they can,” he says.

And for an organization that built on people-to-people interaction, they hope their movement can spread.

“Everybody knows somebody with mental health. Alcoholism, drug addiction. Whatever it may be,” Cisneros said.

And now they have a new ride to take them home.

Source: Rhinelander GM donates car to organization in need