Fitzgerald Auto Mall honors Maryland’s Montgomery County Teacher of the Year with a Hyundai Sonata

#DealershipsGivingBack: Fitzgerald Hyundai in Rockville recently partnered with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) to celebrate Teacher of the Year Inge Chichester, a Sligo Middle School world studies content specialist who will receive a new Hyundai Sonata as part of her award.

Teacher of the Year finalists received $2,000 from the Greenblatt Educational Fund. As the MCPS winner, Chichester will also receive a cash prize from the MCPS Educational Foundation and a free lease on a new Hyundai Sonata from Fitzgerald Auto Malls.

“We are always proud to recognize the best teachers in Montgomery County,” Fitzgerald Auto Malls spokesperson Dottie Fitzgerald said on the company’s website. “They create the foundation for students who become our future customers and associates. And Ms. Chichester brings out the best in her students. We need more of her positive enthusiasm.”

Fitzgerald Auto Malls has been part of recognizing the MCPS Teacher of the Year for more than 20 years.

Chichester, a 19-year veteran of the school, will now compete for Maryland’s state Teacher of the Year honors. MCPS officials said Chichester gets the best out of her students by coaxing them into being true to themselves.

“Chichester expects greatness from her students and is a fierce advocate for them,” the website stated. “She supports them and holds them accountable. She listens to them and has a special ability to make them see and believe in their own growth and capabilities.”

Founded in 1966 by Jack Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald Auto Malls has long prided itself on the standard of providing “exceptional value in the most comfortable, customer-friendly sales and service environment possible.”

Currently, the dealership has more than 20 brands with locations in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Source: Maryland’s Fitzgerald Auto Malls honors Montgomery County Teacher of the Year with a Hyundai Sonata