Volie, Releases “BDC in a Box”, Software Platform Automating Customer Engagement for Car Dealerships

Volie, creators of communication software for the automotive industry, announces “BDC in a Box.” The plug-and-play unified messaging platform for auto dealerships streamlines and automates customer engagement for efficient and effective dials that allow three agents or dealership salespeople to do the work of ten. The web-based platform integrates data management, automated campaigns, omnichannel marketing including email and text, and real-time reporting, to increase productivity, reduce time-consuming manual tasks, and enable business continuity from anywhere.

Volie was founded by auto industry veterans Scott Davis and Peter Sperry, along with software engineer Sam Davis, and call center industry guru JoAnn Bedenbaugh, who spearheaded the creation of call centers for over a dozen of the automotive industry’s biggest players. Volie empowers dealerships of any size to run a BDC as efficiently as big call centers.

“We perfected “BDC in a Box” to be an easy button for dealership call center managers and agents,” said Bedenbaugh. “The platform takes the tasks people are doing manually and automates them so agents can work more efficiently and BDC managers can concentrate on building their people. With Volie taking care of all the back-end technology, agents can easily go from talking to 30 customers a day to over 300.”

The easy-to-use platform increases productivity and results with these unique features:

  • One unified platform – Manage campaigns, customer data, and communication types within one powerful platform.
  • Data management – Multiple list sources are combined, cleaned to remove duplications and errors, and run through a proprietary customer resolution engine that verifies the identity of a customer with 99.8% accuracy, allowing customers to be tracked through multiple data point changes and campaigns.
  • Omnichannel marketing – Call, email, and text customers and view complete customer history on one call screen. Maximize efforts through the most responsive channels that have been quantifiably proven to achieve results.
  • Smart campaign manager – Set the priority of campaigns, enable automatic triggers for the next communication, and manage cadence to eliminate overcalling.
  • Blended inbound/outbound dialing – Call screen automatically populates with the next outbound call, seamlessly transitions to inbound if a call comes in, and then continues to serve up outbound opportunities to dramatically increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Real-time reporting dashboards – Live reporting gives visibility into agent actions and tracks and records every customer for ultimate agent accountability.
  • Automation of manual tasks – Built-in dealership-specific customizations including transfer lists, business rules, hours of operation, and promotions. No more spreadsheets, call lists, or sticky notes.
  • 100% TCPA compliant – Completely compliant with all government regulations and rules.
  • Business continuity – Work from anywhere with Internet and a phone connection. Retain all knowledge, practices, and processes if/when a BDC manager is promoted or leaves the dealership.
  • Dedicated account management – Work with a dedicated customer service manager to onboard staff, set customizations, uncover opportunities, and proactively recommend ways to maximize the platform.

“BDC in a Box” is designed for easy dealership management of outbound and inbound calls for both sales and service, and it seamlessly integrates with all DMS systems. A hybrid BDC model is also available where dealerships can partner with one of several Volie call centers around the country to handle outbound calling.

“Our goal is to develop software that is customer-focused and gives dealers the opportunity to improve all aspects of their business,” said Volie co-founder Scott Davis. “We believe dealers need more effective dials, not more people. By eliminating manual tasks and increasing agent productivity, we’ve seen dealerships placing ten times more outbound calls every day, all without adding a single employee.”

Source: New Volie “BDC in a Box” Automates Auto Dealership Customer Engagement for More Effective Omnichannel Communications