Georgia Lottery Winner Will Finally Get His C8 Corvette Thanks to the Internet

In what was one of last week’s strangest (but not in the least surprising) stories, Dennis Kahler went public with how he’d won a 2021 ‘Vette on a $5 scratch-off ticket from the Georgia Lottery. He’d also won $250,000 in cash, which the Lottery had already paid him by the time he shared his story.

One thing that he didn’t get was the C8 because the Lottery hadn’t made sure they would have one to give away before they launched the campaign. This basically meant Kahler was left with the same choice as everyone else, and that he was in no privileged position: he could either buy it from a local dealer with a $10,000 markup over MRSP and get it later this year, or could go out of state to buy it at MRSP but would have to wait well into 2022 for delivery.

Neither variant pleased Kahler. The first one would have implied that he pay the markup out of the money he’d won from the lottery. The Corvette prize was $107,000 and he’d settled on a Rapid Blue 2LT Z51, which came with an MSRP of $80,465, so he would also get the difference in cash, on top of the $250K. The latter option meant he’d have to wait a full year for the C8, just like everyone else.

The way Kahler saw it, the Lottery should have thought this through and maybe even made some arrangements for the prize C8 with GM before actually selling tickets for it. So he shared his story with the public in the hope of getting it sooner.

Over the weekend, word got out that the lottery had agreed to pay transport costs for the car, should he get it from a dealership out of state, and that Kahler was in talks with one in Atlanta who had reached out to him.

Fox Auto is now reporting that the same dealership, Jim Ellis Chevrolet in Atlanta, has informed Kahler that he’ll be getting his dream car very soon. In two months’ time, no less: this March. How’s that for the power of the Internet?

The Georgia Lottery is still not answering calls for comment, but Kahler tells the same media outlet there are two more winning tickets out there that have to be claimed. In other words, they’d better be bracing for a couple more storms.

Source: Lucky C8 Corvette Lottery Winner Gets His Dream Car Early Thanks to the Internet