Police in Ohio Arrest Suspects Accused of Breaking into Dodge Dealership

Police say there’s recently been a rash of car dealership break-ins. The latest target is Charlie’s Dodge in Maumee, Ohio.

Investigators say just before the New Year several suspects stole dozens of key fobs for pricey powerful cars and trucks. Police arrested three suspects along with a 17-year-old male for allegedly breaking into Charlie’s Dodge. Police say the suspects shattered the front door.

“Charlie’s had camera’s inside their business and they saw individuals masked up ransacking their offices,” Maumee Police Chief David Tullis.

Officers responded to the dealership at Ford and Illinois avenue and nearby exit routes.

“At one of the exit routes, our officers saw a vehicle leaving from behind a closed business that was close to Charlie’s Dodge. He stopped at vehicle due to the circumstances,” said Chief Tullis

The female driver was charged with breaking and entering. The three males are facing aggravated theft charges along with breaking and entering.

“When we have them exit out of the vehicle there were 75+ key fobs they were sitting on,” said Chief Tullis.

Chief David Tullis says these thieves are professional and organized.

“They had a phone app and the phone app cued them off and they can scan our place radios. So, they were aware that we were en route. The way we found out they were on the phone app is the officer was calling out to identify a record check on the suspects. He heard the call come out on a phone that they had on them,” said Chief Tullis.

dealership manager says he’s watched the surveillance video a couple of times.

“They break right in and kind of seems like they know offices to go to,” said Charlie’s Dodge sales manager Dan Barchick.

Chief Tullis is praising his dispatcher and night officers for foiling the heist.

“It’s nice when our officers are able to make an apprehension like that and they work together as a team. That’s through their leadership on their shift,” said Chief Tullis.

The chief says another car involved in this theft got away, but they have enough information to charge their suspects.

Source: Maumee Police officers arrest suspects accused of breaking into dealership