Opinion: 7 Tips to Improve the Online Reputation of Your Car Dealership

By izmocars

When customers discover your auto dealership online, they make purchase decisions based on the web content available. To show up in the best light, you need to proactively monitor and improve your online reputation.

Here are 7 tips on how to improve your online reputation and drive in more online reviews:

1. Monitor your Auto Dealership’s online presence

You need to proactively monitor your auto dealership online. This is a vital step- unless and until you know what’s working in your favor and what’s not, you won’t be able to manage your online reputation effectively.

Fortunately, there are several monitoring tools available online that can help you to keep track of online mentions.

2. Request feedback

Negative reviews are unavoidable. The best way to tackle them is by proactively adding more positive reviews. Request every happy customer for feedback before they leave the dealership.

3. Respond to customer issues

Instead of getting all defensive about unfavorable reviews, handle them professionally.

Not responding to feedback is definitely not the solution. Customers need to see how well you can handle these issues. Remember, even if you feel that you weren’t wrong, you need to be positive and professional. Never argue with customers.

4. Partner with influencers

Working with the right local influencer can help expand your dealership’s reach, add more credibility, and boost your online reputation.

The goal is to find the influencers that share the same audiences as yours and have a good online reputation of their own.

5. Exceed customer expectations

Living up to your customer’s expectations is crucial to building a great online reputation. Here are a few simple ways to exceed customer expectations:

  • Offer world-class customer service
  • Focus on omnichannel support
  • Delight your customers
  • Build rapport

6. Leverage online reputation management tools

Consider using online reputation management tools to get notifications whenever someone mentions your business. Monitoring what people say online will help maintain a positive reputation. Google Alerts, Social Mention, etc. are some of the effective tools available.

7. Request customers to upload photos

Besides asking your customers to write reviews, you can also encourage them to upload photos. More than 77% of customers say that consumer photos have a positive impact on their purchase decisions. Good consumer snaps will make your dealership look more authentic and trustworthy.

Source: 7 Tips to Improve the Online Reputation of Your Auto Dealership | izmocars