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Clark Crain CDJR Hosts Fundraiser for Hospitalized Customer

#DealershipsGivingBack: When tragedy strikes, we often lean on friends and family for support, but sometimes it is those you least expect who lend a helping hand.

Deborah Talbert says she got the call most parents fear, “The police called me and told me he was involved in an accident, and I should get to the hospital because he wasn’t going to make it.”

Her son Dominick was hospitalized after the accident.

Before the accident, he had just purchased a car from Clark Crain Chrysler and Jeep, but unexpected issues arose, so he could no longer drive it.

After the accident, Deborah notified the dealership of what happened. Manager Ryan Lowe said there was no question about their next move, “we refunded all of their money to ’em.”

She walked away with more than a refund, “putting his hand around me and giving me that one hug was everything. I took that to the hospital and told Dominick everything was going to be alright,” Talbert said.

But Lowe said they knew they had to do more, “we set up this event to try to raise money, she’s trying to get him back home.”

So he called a few people to help put on a fundraiser, one of them being Larry Williams with Pete Williams BBQ.

“He said we want to do a fundraiser and we want your business to come out and represent, and I was more than happy to come out here and do that for them,” Willaims said.

Each plate sold for $8, and all of the proceeds go directly to the family, “nobody’s pocketing anything, everything is going straight to the young man,” Williams said.

He says he came out because “the bible says it’s better to give than receive, so I just thank God for it. I just think we need more people like that to come out here and bless other people in need.”

Talbert says Dominick’s condition is improving, “he went from ICU telling me that he wasn’t going to make it to today, he’s progressing, and he’s in PCU… to hear him tell me, ‘momma, I love you,’ and I can hear his voice, I know God is able.

If you would like to help the Talbert family, you can donate to Debroah’s CashApp: $Deborahmtalbert

Source: St. Francisville car dealership hosts fundraiser for customer