Police Say Burglar Caught in Mid Snooze in Car on Boardwalk Motors Lot

According to Auburn, Washington Police, 32-year-old Shane Lee Fitch had himself a busy night on Nov. 15, 2020.

After all, breaking into a bunch of vehicles to steal stuff on the lot of a fenced dealership overnight, as police claim Fitch did, takes effort.

So, tired out by his larcenous labors and, perhaps, as policesuggested in their write up, helped along by by the powers of a white substance found in a baggy in his possession, his eyes slammed shut on him mid-thievery, and off he went to sleep.

And that’s where the owners of Boardwalk Motors at 1344 17th Street Southeast later found him, asleep in a black Audi A 4 with a screwdriver on his lap, according to court records.

Post arrest, court records say, Fitch claimed he did not know what city he was in, did not realize he had been in the Audi, and had no intention of stealing it.

Not buying Fitch’s explanation, on April 26, 2021, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office formally charged him with second-degree burglary.

According to court records, since 1999, Fitch has had 23 warrants and 10 cases with warrant activity, among them an active warrant for failing to aappear in court.

His rap sheet over the years lists: making false statements to a public servant. and 3rd-degree possession of stolen property 2019, possession of drug paraphernalia, 2018, operating a vehicle without a court-ordered, interlock device, 2015; driving under the influence in 2012; reckless endangerment 2000; malicious mischief and 3rd degree domestic violence, 2000; and being a minor in possession of alcohol and consumption, and shoplifting, 1999.

In court records, police say, they found 6.5 grams of suspected methemphetamine in a baggy, and 3.5 grams of suspected heroin in a granny pack on his person, all of which, police say, later tested positive.

In a pants pocket, police say, they found a plate to a Sony Stereo system, an ignition key to a 2010 Toyota Sierra with a Board Walker Motors Dealership tag attached to a key ring; vehicle registration to a Kia Spectre, and dealership paperwork belonging to a 2010 Jetta, every bit of it connected to vehicles on the Boardwalk Motors lot.

Source: Burglar caught in mid snooze in car on dealership lot, police say