Arthur and Omar McGee

New Premiere Black-Owned Car Dealership with 60 Years of Experience Coming to Flint, Michigan

As the saying goes – when one door closes, another door opens.

That’s the case for the McGee family and their long time standing as business owners in Beecher.

Many people recognize the block of North Saginaw Road between Laport and Terry avenues as the location of McGee’s Collision Auto Repair.

That is where 81-year-old Arthur McGee has assisted more than 5,000 vehicle owners with his collision repair expertise since the 1960’s.

Yet, the elder McGee closed up shop on that venture last November to re-invent himself and his business alongside his youngest son Omar McGee.

McGee & Son Auto Group, a premiere auto dealership, will be opening soon.

The McGee & Son Auto Group will feature high-quality new and used vehicles for sale and will have the distinction of being known as the only auto dealership in Flint that is built on 60-plus years of auto expertise.

“I am honored to be going into business with my dad. My father taught me everything I know about business, so the recent national attention my business has received, is our success to share,” said Omar McGee, who will be the lead executive of the new venture. “My goal has always been to become everything my dad would be, if he had the same opportunities as me.”

The elder McGee still maintains the energy, in his eighties, to remain under the hood of cars, which he adores fixing.

Omar says he is currently monitoring the COVID-19 situation to determine an opening date, but he and his dad have their eyes set on July.

“I’m proud to have my baby boy at my side as I reinvent myself in my 80th decade. Anytime a father can have a son to step up and continue his business for him, makes me feel good. It’s time for new things and I’m excited,” shared Arthur McGee.

Source: Flint getting a new premiere Black-owned car dealership with 60 years of experience