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Customer’s Corvette Stolen from Chesrown Chevrolet, Crime Could Be Linked to Kids

An Ohio coupled placed a call to ABC 6 News while still paying for their dream car that has now been missing for months.

“It’s a 2014 C7 red Corvette. I mean, you can’t miss it,” Wynnedolyn Desmond told ABC 6/FOX 28. “We’re literally at a point where we had to reach out to you guys because we can’t get answers.”

Desmond said her fiancé bought his dream car after finding it in a lot in Maryland. Making the $1,000 monthly payments for the Corvette and insurance, the couple said weekend joyrides made the extra cost worth it.

“That was our get away from the kids. We have teenagers,” Desmond said.

After installing a new stereo, Desmond said they took the Corvette to Chesrown Chevrolet for repair work last year. In November, they received a call from Delaware police indicating thieves broke into the dealership and stole three cars including theirs.

“It’s vanished. It’s gone. Where did it go?” asked Desmond.

Delaware Police recovered two of the stolen cars the night of the theft. Officers say the thief ran a stop sign coming out of the dealership and led officers on a chase. Dash camera video shows the Tahoe crashed into a tree behind a strip mall. The suspect appears on the police video briefly before running from the scene.

The second Tahoe was recovered a day or so later in a neighborhood in Columbus.

Police say they’ve yet to make an arrest but believe the crime may be linked to other heists targeting dealerships that have happened in Columbus, Marysville, and London. Officers in those areas believe their suspects maybe young teens.

“These juveniles are hitting all these dealerships. What’s going to happen to them? A slap on the wrist?” asked Desmond. “The owner is the one stuck with the burden of everything.”

Desmond fears their Corvette may never be found and, at this point, may have been stripped for parts.

Source: Customer’s Corvette stolen in Delaware dealership heist, crime could be linked to kids