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National Auto Care Announces Launch of Fixed Ops 5 Podcast

National Auto Care (NAC) is excited to announce that the company will launch a podcast, video and blog series, Fixed Ops 5, hosted by NAC National Fixed Operations Training Manager Corey Smith. The series will premiere May 5, 2021. 

Fixed Ops 5 will focus on the customer experience in the service drive, profitability opportunities and fixed operation of dealerships. An exciting industry insider will be the featured guest in every episode. The May 5 premiere will feature guest Ron Overs, publisher of Fixed Ops Magazine and a decades-long industry veteran. 

Host Corey Smith is a renowned fixed ops expert in his own right, with nearly 20 years of experience and a proven track record of success in sustaining increases in revenue, service drive traffic and reduction in expenses, all while maintaining the highest level of employee and customer retention. 

The first podcast episode will air on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The series will release new episodes on the 5th and 20th of every month after the premiere. Along with podcast episodes, NAC will release a video version of the episode on YouTube and a corresponding blog post that will be published on 

“Hosting this podcast gives me the amazing opportunity to help service advisors with their day-to-day job and to help F&I professionals speak to the service department. Fixed Ops 5 will also allow us to educate the dealership with some amazing technological advancements taking place in the industry,” says Smith. “With our short, concise platform, everyone will have the opportunity to listen in for timely, important knowledge they can use in their daily routine at the dealership.” 

Fixed Ops 5 on Spotify

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Source: National Auto Care Announces Launch of Fixed Ops 5 Podcast