Queen of England Selling Bentley

Used Car for Sale: Low Miles, One Owner, Little Old Lady, Drove Only To and From Castles in England

A low mileage motor with full-service history and one careful lady owner provides the ideal patter platform for any car salesman.

And when that lady happens to be the, ahem, Queen of England, you’re in dreamland.

But that is just what the Bramley Motor Car showroom near Guildford in Surrey is offering – a beautiful ‘Barnato green’ Bentley Mulsanne, retired from the Queen‘s fleet in 2015 and with just 2,492 miles on the clock.

Unfortunately, this does add a little to the price. A similar car which hadn’t been regularly sat upon by Her Majesty, might fetch $110k. Offers for this one are in the region of $250k.

Bramley marketing manager Jack Morgan-Jones told MailOnline: ‘We are quite fortunate in the sense that we have had a couple of Royal cars.

‘We sold a Range Rover last year that was used to transport the Obamas on their state visit and Prince Philip famously drove it.

‘The Queen’s Bentley is such a unique car. It is fundamentally no different to any other Mulsanne but it has a fantastic history with it being owned by Her Majesty which is lovely.’

The Queen has come a long way in terms of car ownership since she learnt to drive at the wheel of a First-Aid truck in the Second World War.

Her current Buckingham Palace fleet is said to include three Rolls-Royces, three Daimlers and two Bentleys and there are further fleets at her different properties.

The one now for sale was used to transport the monarch around the capital between 2013 and 2015.

A clue to its use is surely provided by one of the car’s ‘non-standard’ feature – veneered picnic tables, amply accommodated in the five and a half metre vehicle, a metre longer than a standard saloon.

There are other things that make the car unique – it has blue flashing lights fitted, covert lighting and it has never had a registration plate.

A similar car, retired from her Windsor Castle fleet, was sold by the same dealership in 2019 to a German collector.

Mr Morgan-Jones, who admitted he could not resist taking the car for a short test drive, said: ‘This time it is her Buckingham Palace car which she sort of used for running errands, as it were, around London.

‘It is a very special thing to have her cars and we always have interest. But because of the premium over a similar car, it has to wait for the right person to come along.

‘It is a bit of a showpiece here in the showroom. It has had truly one careful lady owner. It is a lovely thing to be around because of the story behind it and it’s a really good talking point now that we are allowed to have people in the showroom.

‘I don’t see it going to a royalist as such. I think it would certainly be somebody who has a collection of cars and is less interested in the top speed and the brake horsepower and more in the history of the car.’

His company purchased the car in 2016 and put it into storage and it was kept under purdah longer than it might have been because of the pandemic.

He added: ‘You will be surprised to know that the car is not bullet proof and has no additional security features over a standard car bar the fact that it would have been fitted with covert lighting and the blues-and-twos.’

The car dealer’s selling paraphernalia states: ‘It is with great pleasure that we are able to present to market a very special example of Bentley’s Mulsanne derivative.

‘This Bernato Green motorcar was formally owned by HM Queen Elizabeth II and was in service with the Royal Household from 2013 – 2015 with its exclusive use being to transport Her Majesty.’

It adds that the car has had its ‘impeccable service history maintained within the Bentley main dealer network and as such presents and drives superbly today.

‘This vehicle would make for an exceptional addition to any collection and it is extremely rare to find a car with such provenance and history, especially when related to our longest-reigning monarch’.

The car’s luxury equipment includes the veneered picnic tables, veneered door panels, rear quarter vanity mirrors, 21′ classic road wheels, Bentley ‘wings’ to all seats, and dark green carpet mats.

Those looking for a test drive can expect to be treated with suspicion.

Source: Bentley formerly used by THE QUEEN goes on sale at Surrey car dealership for £179,000