McGee & Son Auto Group

Close Bond Over Love of Cars Inspires Father and Son to Open Dealership in Michigan

Father and son Arthur and Omar McGee are embarking on a new journey that involves their love for cars.

McGee’s Collision, G6142 N. Saginaw Road, in Mount Morris Township has been in business for the last 56 years as an auto body shop.

Over the decades, the business has serviced over 5,000 customers.

Arthur, owner and chief auto repairman at the collision shop, is closing his doors to the business for good to focus on another end of the car business with his son Omar.

“I think at this time, especially with my dad in my eyes, it was time for us to work smarter and not harder,” Omar said of his 82-year-old father. “He’s getting up in age and I want to do something easier and bring my vision for what I’m doing out here in California to Michigan and develop it there in Michigan with my dad.”

The younger McGee has resided in California since 2005.

He owns Posh Luxury Imports, an exotic car company based in Los Angeles, California, that sells and rents cars such as Rolls-Royce and Bentleys throughout the U.S.

Arthur’s experience with car repair and Omar’s background in car sales will be put to use for a joint business called the McGee & Son Auto Group. It will feature high-quality new and used vehicles for sale.

The decades-old collision shop is currently under construction to accommodate the new business.

“I was taught by hand. I didn’t go to school for it,” Arthur said of his skills which were instilled in him at the age of 21. “I was taught on the job.”

Omar, 42, shared he got the love of cars from his father, but wasn’t as passionate about repairing the vehicles as his dad is.

“Once I went to school and created another life for myself, moved out to California, that love came back and I had to go into the (car) business because in reality I had all the assets to the tests,” Omar said. “It was what I was meant to do.”

Over the past year, Omar has been featured by Forbes and Black Enterprise for his success as the only Black-owned exotic vehicle sales and rental dealership in Los Angeles and embrace of diversity and racial inclusion within his multi-million dollar business.

“We will be bringing in some very impressive cars for the city of Flint and Mount Morris, something that they will be proud of, something unique and different that they’re not used to,” Omar explained

Some of the vehicles customers can expect to see will be a new “foreign approach”, Omar noted.

Examples of some of those cars include high-end Mercedes and Porsche, but still within the affordable sector of a budget, he said.

The Flint native plans to visit the new business at least twice a month.

“I think it’s very important to understand the legacy that we’re trying to build and the responsibility that my dad has put the legacy in my hands,” Omar said. “It’s my responsibility to take it on to the next generation and build it a lot bigger than what it is now into something that the future generation will be proud to take on themselves.”

Arthur is excited to continue with the car business, but at a more leisurely pace as he’ll help find the cars to stock the dealership.

“I’ll be glad when we get it open,” Arthur said.

The new business is set to open sometime this summer.

Source: Father and son’s close bond over love for cars inspires them to open car dealership in Genesee County