Beckley’s RVs of Thurmont Contributes to “I Believe in Me”

#DealershipsGivingBack: In the absence of the Maryland RV Show this year, Beckley’s RVs of Thurmont decided to take matters into their own hands.

The business hosted their own sale and went an additional step, donating $100 from each sale to local youth mentorship organization I Believe in Me, Inc. in an effort to “support local,” especially given the difficulty of the past year.

Over the course of the 11 day sale, 107 RVs were sold and $10,700 was given to the organization.

“Through some networking with people that we know in the community and the Downtown Partnership, we looked at a few different options and really liked what I Believe in Me is doing and certainly wanted to try to give back to the community as they are spending a lot of time and efforts putting back into people that have been affected by the COVID virus,” said Dan Zboyan, a sales manager at Beckley’s.

Zboyan said he hopes the funds help I Believe in Me continue their local food drive efforts and work to give back to the community.

Mike Boerum, who is also a sales manager at Beckley’s, said they were trying to “stress on … local charity for the community.”

“We’ve been so fortunate to survive all this that again, it feels good to give back to the Frederick area,” he said.

Aje Hill, executive director of IBM, said when he found about the “magical fundraiser” Beckley’s was doing, it was a win-win because it was around the time of the Unity Campaign.

“We were blessed this year to be a first-time organization, a part of the Unity Campaign, so we set our goals kind of low to make sure we could meet our goals,” he said. “And when this fundraiser came about and they called with the results and how much they raised from the fundraiser—grace, gratitude, thankfulness that we could take $10,700 and give it to the Unity Campaign to receive matched funds from the community to make this investment larger.”

And they do have big plans.

“I Believe in Me is growing,” Hill said. “With COVID-19, more trauma needs in the community, we are trying, doing do diligence to get our own facility in Frederick County.”

The funds from Beckley’s, matched by the Unity Campaign, will go into IBM’s capital funding to be put toward getting a building so the organization can continue to meet youth where they are.

Hill said he also wanted to thank “the ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” This includes his board of directors, board chair, and people that support, pray, invest, donate, volunteer and participate in the mission.

“Alone we do so little, but as you see, together we can do so much,” he said. “So it’s just an honor and a privilege to serve during this pandemic and moving out of the pandemic.”

Source: Thurmont RV dealership contributes to I Believe in Me