Ford Forces Illinois Dealership To Remove Mach-E Markup After Twitter Revolts

Anytime a new, desirable, or hard-to-get vehicle launches, it’s a safe bet that a number of dealerships will slap them with a markup. Nothing irks consumers more than this greedy practice, and yet, it continues to happen all over the U.S. with vehicles like the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, most recently. However, 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E markups are also being discovered in various places, including by Twitter user John Voelcker recently.

Voelcker posted a picture of a window sticker showing a whopping $10,000 Mach-E markup on a First Edition model at an Illinois dealership with the caption “Why Shoppers Hate Car Dealers # 4,522. A Ford dealer in Illinois has this Mustang Mach-E #EV on their showroom floor. It’s 1st Edition Premium, no extended range, mfr Oct-2020, $10K markup. Shopper was allowed to sit in it, NOT to have a test drive. How long it will sit unsold?”

The post generated quite a stir across the internet, as one might imagine, and word of the markup obviously got around to Ford. The very next day, Ford North America Product Communications manager Mike Levine replied to Voelcker’s tweet by simply saying, “The markup has been removed from this Mach-E.”

This is particularly interesting because dealers are their own separate entities that aren’t obligated to do everything Ford tells them to do. Plus, Ford, along with every other automotive manufacturer, generally doesn’t bother to step in and ask dealers to remove markups, as we’ve seen many times in the past.

However, it’s worth noting that Tesla operates on a fixed price model, so perhaps The Blue Oval wants to ensure that potential Ford Mustang Mach-E buyers aren’t put off by the sort of dealership pricing funny business we’ve simply become accustomed to over the years.

Source: Ford Forces Dealer To Remove Mach-E Markup After Twitter Revolts