You Can Now Use Bitcoin and Dogecoin to Purchase a Car at West Mitsubishi Motors

One local auto dealership is taking a look into the future by accepting cryptocurrency payments.

West Mitsubishi Motors in Orland will be accepting Bitcoin and Dogecoin as a form of payment for vehicles.

West Mitsubishi wants to make buying a car faster, easier, and more enjoyable with cryptocurrency.

“Cryptocurrency is just another way to buy goods,” Sonny Baird, General Manager at West Mitsubishi, said. “We wanted to be the first and add that to our customer’s options to buy cars.”

It is a completely paperless process.

“There’s an exchange service that transfers the money into our account and then we transfer that into US dollars,” Baird said.

Longtime and new cryptocurrency investors are excited to see this day, including Orland-native, Quinn Hall.

“I have had some cryptocurrency for a while, back in 2017 when Bitcoin was really starting to take off,” Hall said. “I think now that we have some establishments finally accepting that currency I think it is really going to be cool and bring some people into that space.”

Others are still hesitant to hop on the crypto trend and prefer spending traditional dollars.

“I think it’s more for the new generation,” Nicholas Siemens, Orland local, said. “I was grown up in an older generation that used mostly cash. Now I have kind of developed using a card.”

Mitsubishi Motors is one of the first auto dealerships in Northern California to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for cars.

Source: Local dealership accepts cryptocurrency for cars