Man In Clown Mask Caught Stealing Catalytic Converters from Car Dealership With Cordless Saw

A man in a clown mask was caught stealing catalytic converters from a car dealership in Blaine, Minnesota, according to a criminal complaint.

Matthew Jacoboski, 43, is charged with possession of burglary or theft tools and first-degree criminal damage to property.

The complaint states police went to Metro Auto Sales in Blaine just after 11 p.m. Monday when someone was seen on camera climbing underneath cars.

Investigators say they found Jacoboski under a car, face shrouded by a clown mask, trying to remove a catalytic converter with a cordless saw.

Police arrested Jacoboski and he admitted they caught him “red-handed,” according to the complaint. He had a bag with two catalytic converters in it.

The owner of Metro Auto Sales estimated the damage at $2,400.

Source: Charges: Man In Clown Mask Stole Catalytic Converters From Dealership With Cordless Saw