Greenwood Chevrolet and United Way Find Ways to Raise Money for their Community Virtually

#DealershipsGivingBack: Giving back to the community has been more important than ever, but also more challenging to host fundraising events.

Despite the lack of events, the United Way of Trumbull County was able to raise about the same amount of money but had a lot more people donating to pandemic relief efforts.

“Everyone that gives to United Way does so because they care about their community, and they sort of pay it forward,” said President of United Way Trumbull Ginny Pasha.

To say thank you, Greenwood Chevrolet in Austintown donated a car to randomly reward a lucky donor.

This year’s winner of the Greenwood Extra Mile Giveaway is Joe Datchuck, who works at the 7/17 Credit Union.

“To bring attention to the cause and the United Way and to motivate people to give to such a great organization and anything to promote that, I think, is a great idea,” Datchuck said.

Ten finalists were chosen at random, five from the United Way of Trumbull County and five from the United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley.

To qualify for a chance to be a finalist, individuals had to have donated at least $5 a week, or $260 for the year.

Normally, finalists would meet in the Greenwood showroom and would try to guess which key went with the car up for grabs.

They are placed in random order and the person who chooses the key for the car is the winner and can choose to take the vehicle or $15,000.

Last year’s winners had a chance to win a 2019 Chevrolet Equinox.

The car up for grabs this year is a 2020 Chevrolet Trax.

This year, they were unable to visit the showroom in person so the event was held virtually.

Greenwood Chevrolet President Greg Greenwood said it was a fun time, but couldn’t replace the in-person experience.

“There is no substitution to actually seeing the family and the tears in their eyes. You know, when they win on the showroom floor and enjoying a moment with the hugging the grandkids. There’s no substitution for that either,” Greenwood said.

Source: Local dealership, United Way find ways to raise money for community virtually