Car Falls Down Elevator Shaft at Vancouver Audi Dealership

A man isn’t too badly hurt after the car he was in fell down a freight elevator shaft at a Vancouver dealership Tuesday.

Capt. Jonathan Gormick with Vancouver Fire says they were called to the Audi car dealership along West 3rd Ave. near Fir St. at around 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday.

“Somehow, the car had come off the elevator platform and become lodged partway down the elevator shaft with an occupant in it,” he said.

The man who was inside the vehicle is an employee at the dealership.

A technical rescue team was called in.

“They were working at height above an open elevator shaft. The car was stuck in a fairly precarious position, and all of those things need to be stabilized and dealt with before we even get people into an attempt to extricate the person,” Gormick said.

After the vehicle was stabilized, it was cut open and the worker was taken to the hospital.

WorkSafeBC will look into exactly how this happened.

“It’s a pretty strange sight to see a car wedged like this in an elevator shaft. I can’t imagine how it got there, but I’ll leave it up to their experts to determine,” Gormick said.

Source: Car falls down elevator shaft at Vancouver Audi warehouse