Horse and Buggy Wheels On A Dodge Challenger Hellcat???

YouTuber WhistlinDiesel is certainly no stranger to doing insane things with their vehicles, and this is no different, as they managed to get the wheels from a horse and buggy and fit them onto a Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

They got the custom wheels from a specialty shop and welded hubs onto them to get them to fit on the Challenger. They mention that they’ve tried this on their truck before with wooden wheels, so they figure that these aluminum ones can both hold the weight of the Challenger, as well as withstand its 707 horsepower.

They then jack it up, and fit the buggy wheels on, along with some massive spacers to clear the wheel wells. After the installation, they fire up the Hellcat, and we must say, it’s quite comical to hear that kind of noise come out of a car that now looks like it has rubber bands for tires. The wheels are actually so thin that the fronts stay locked as the car drives out onto the snowy driveway, and the rears manage to break traction at just a touch above idle.

After a few minutes of laughter, the guys decide to take the car out for a spin. They hit up a bunch of different places, such as an auto parts store, a drive-through, and even a Dodge dealership to see people’s reaction to their creation, and to no one’s surprise, there are plenty of onlookers.

At around the 11 minute 10 second mark, we get to what we’ve all been waiting for: the buggy-wheeled burnout. Before they begin, they turn off traction control, although we don’t think it would do much even if left on. Predictably, the Hellcat effortlessly overpowers the narrow wheels, leaving plumes of smoke and pencil-width tire tracks in its wake. In less than 2 minutes of somewhat light tire-spinning, they strip the wheels down to just metal and eventually call it quits after realizing they’ve sawed their way through the asphalt.

Source: Horse & Buggy Wheels On A Dodge Challenger Hellcat? This Should Be Interesting