Thief Steals Truck Out of Garage at Jay Wolfe Toyota in Kansas City, Causing Thousands in Damage

The Kansas City Police Department is looking for a man who stole a truck right out of a dealership’s service garage.

The owner brought it in for an oil change, and the next thing he knew it was gone. Now, the dealership is stepping up security and trying to help.

Joe Cardello, general manager for Jay Wolfe Toyota in Tiffany Springs, said on Thursday their employees were setting things up for the next day when a man walked in, got in a truck, and drove it out before they could stop him.

The dealership released a photo of the man to try and help police find them. The truck belongs to Eric Rammelsburg who couldn’t believe the news his truck was taken.

“I was shocked. They sent me a picture — ‘Do you know this guy?’ I was like, no. I’ve never seen him in my life,” Rammelsburg said.

He brought in his 2014 Toyota Tundra to Jay Wolfe’s service garage for them to give it an oil change and put new tires on, which were in the bed of the truck.

“They called and asked if I had somebody come pick it up. I said, ‘Why would I have someone come pick it up my truck?’” Rammelsburg said.

He said he got his truck back eventually. It was found on the side of the road. However, the tires in the bed, speakers in the back, and his catalytic converter were gone.

The damage is worth thousands of dollars.

“I have no idea what it’s going to cost yet. I went to my insurance company already, and I’m waiting to hear from an adjuster,” Rammelsburg said.

Cardello said this is the first time a vehicle has been stolen from inside their garage, and their insurance will cover the damages to the truck. He also gave FOX4 images of the car the alleged thief was dropped off in when the incident happened. Cardello said he wants him caught and to take responsibility for the theft.

“I hope they catch you and prosecute you to the full extent of the law,” Rammelsberg said,

Cardello said thefts from lots are becoming more common, and the manner they happen is brazen. The dealership will be changing its process of key storage after the theft and use special cameras to deter attempted catalytic converter thefts in their lot.

Source: Thief steals man’s truck right out of KC dealership’s garage, causing thousands in damage