Sheehy Auto Stores Honored to Present Year-End Donations to Three Organizations

#DealershipsGivingBack: Sheehy Auto Stores ended 2020 on a more positive note with its support to different organizations.

Sheehy Ford of Springfield, Sheehy Ford Lincoln of Gaithersburg, and Sheehy Ford of Warrenton have made separate donations of $9,000, $7,000, and $6,000, respectively.

The Good Shepherd Catholic Church was Sheehy Ford of Springfield’s beneficiary. The monetary donation from the dealership can help the church serve its parishioners and others in its local community through its various social works.

The $7,000 assistance from Sheehy Ford Lincoln of Gaithersburg was given to Women Who Care Ministries to aid the organization in helping people who may be needing a safe haven or access to food. This year they are looking at feeding at least 7,000 each week.

"women who care ministries" food drive
Women Who Care Ministries partners with Montgomery County Public Schools to provide weekend meals to low-income children and families.

Sheehy Ford of Warrenton, like the Sheehy Ford of Springfield and Sheehy Ford Lincoln of Gaithersburg, is honored to have given support to Fauquier FISH (For Immediate Sympathetic Help) through its $6,000 year-end gift. The nonprofit organization also provides food to individuals and families in need.

Fauquier FISH volunteers

Source: Sheehy honored to present year-end donations to three organizations