Sparking Conversation, a Virtual Series by Women in Automotive

This year has been challenging, to say the least. We’ve heard you loud and clear on what you want to hear about. This first virtual event in our series is designed to help each of us as individuals, members of groups and leaders to innovate our methods as we lead through a crisis. How are organizations getting creative to solve brand new challenges for teams, companies, and customers? What does it mean to manage up? From top to bottom, organizations and roles of all sizes are needing to pivot. Join us as we bring together experienced voices and brilliant minds to drive these important conversations forward.

It’s a New Year, New Us! To kick off the new year, we’re bringing together some incredible powerhouses to talk about the biggest concerns that women and our industry face today. Let’s come together and resolve to Spark the Change. From culture concerns to pay gaps, and balancing childcare with career, these timely issues will be addressed, challenged, and debated. Have a topic you think needs to be a part of this conversation, submit it to us!


Christy Roman President NowDigital
Christy Roman President / NowDigital
Eliana Raggio Director of Industry Relations / Digital Air Strike
Eliana Raggio, Director of Industry Relations at Digital Air Strike
Joe Webb President DealerKnows Consulting
Joe Webb President / DealerKnows Consulting
Joni Stuker President and Founder Owner Connect
Joni Stuker, President & Founder of Owner Connect
Robin Wilson, CEO of SCP AGENCY
Steve Roessler VP of Sale Drive Centric
Steve Roessler, VP of Sales at Drive Centric
Subi Ghosh, VP of Marketing & OEM Relations at Stream Companies
Subi Ghosh, VP of Marketing & OEM Relations at Stream Companies

What is Women In Automotive?

Want to be inspired to begin or advance your automotive journey? This conference presents a united, strong and empowering message that there is a place for Women in Automotive! Dealership Owners, HR Personnel, Salespeople, Service Writers, Administrators, Marketers and anyone else affiliated with the automotive industry will come away from this event with new information to help them further their careers, as well as those of their female counterparts.

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