Mike Carpino Ford Donates 2020 Ford Ranger to Raise Money for a Kansas Small College

#DealershipsGivingBack: One car dealership is going the extra mile to help out a Southeast Kansas College.

The Mike Carpino Car Dealership has donated a 2020 Ford Ranger to help raise money for Labette Community College’s new gym. After raising almost $5.7 million over the past four years, the college received a matching grant for $500,000. The deadline for the grant is the fourteenth, and being only $40,000 away, Mike Carpino wanted to help with the last push.

Mike Carpino, Mike Carpino Ford Dealership Owner, said, “You have to make sure and take care of your own communities, your number one thing you have in your communities are your schools.”

Lindi Forbes, LCC Executive Director of the Foundation and Alumni Association, said, “There’s no better feeling than to know that people see the value in our college and how higher education can affect people’s lives for the better.”

Funds raised from the raffle will fund the construction of the new gym. The raffle will go until the end of March. Those funds will not only go towards the gym project, but will also pay for new gym equipment.

Source: Area car dealer makes donation to Labette Community College – KSNF/KODE