Serpentini Chevrolet Tallmadge Expansion Adds Jobs, Services, and Community Involvement in Ohio

Serpentini Chevrolet Tallmadge is planning an expansion that, if approved, would bring another 20 full-time jobs to the city and increased involvement in the local community.

The car dealership is currently under contract to purchase nearly 6 acres of adjacent vacant land behind the Seven Grains Natural Market and wrapping around the substation.

General Manager Nathan Gault declined to disclose the price tag, as the sale has not yet closed.

“I have big plans. I took over the store in January of this year, but unofficially last year and I’ve been with Bob [Serpentini] for 12 years. We’re definitely headed in the right direction.” Gault said. “We acquired Pat O’Brien stores and we’re looking to keep growing. We’ve been blessed. We had a good year when a lot of other people haven’t.”

If the Planning and Zoning Commission approves the plans, Serpentini is looking to install a laser wash or a tunnel car wash and add on to its service facilities.

Tallmadge Economic Director Matthew Springer said the estimated investment would exceed $2 million in new building construction.

“Our focus, though, is getting involved in the community,” Gault said. “One thing that’s been a struggle is that there isn’t a lot of areas to do community sponsored events since Tallmadge is so compact on this side.”

He hopes to hold community nights, project movies on the side of the building, and keep a large portion of the parking lot open for family activities and classic car shows.

Serpentini’s plans are on the Tallmadge Planning and Zoning Commission’s agenda for its Jan. 7 meeting. The dealership is seeking to change the property’s zoning from C2 commercial retail to C3 automotive.

Source: Serpentini Tallmadge expansion adds jobs, services and community involvement