Northern California Firefighters get additional horsepower from local dealership

Northern California saw devastating wildfires this season and rural fire stations were stretched to capacity in terms of manpower and equipment.

TC Chevy hopes to make sure those on the front lines of the flames have everything they need to do their job that is why the car and truck dealership donated a brand new Chevy 3500 Silverado to the Mayten Fire District.

“As worsening, year-round fire season become the new normal in California, it is critical that we provide fire departments – especially those in underserved regions—with the support they need to protect the communities they serve,” said Rick Martinez , Executive Director of the California Fire Foundation in a written statement.

The truck was one of 10 new trucks and SUVs donated by General Motors to local fire departments throughout California with Martinez administering the program. General Motors and the California Fire Association identified 10 Fire departments that are in what is considered “underserved” areas, to receive the vehicles.

The TC Chevy dealership is all too familiar with fire season as the flames of the Almeda fire spared it by a hair.

“Seeing the smoke and the flames down there, we were lucky to have (firefighter) professionals like that on hand, and we’re lucky to be standing here and be chosen to deliver this truck to those working in the line of fire,” said TC Chevy dealership owner Derek DeBoer. “It’s been a tough year, especially for firefightersand all first responders. Seeing a few smiles from this donation takes a little of the sting out of a rough 2020.”

DeBoer said he hopes the donation will help firefighters to continue keeping their communities safe.

“We hope that, with these vehicles, fire departments throughout the state will continue to have the resources they need to hold the line against these devastating fires,” he said. “The Montague area may not be as big as Ashland and Medford, but we share the same community goals of keeping our homes and families safe from fire.”


Source: Northern California Firefighters get additional horsepower from local dealership